#PoppaPank Episode 19 (BONUS--#PankPopBack)

September 23, 2020
#PoppaPank Episode 19 (BONUS--#PankPopBack)
Show Notes

This is one of our bonus episodes, which we like to call #PankPopBacks! We will gradually release these older episodes until all live episodes are uploaded to this podcast platform. 

Recorded live September 23, 2020

It’s a Six-For-One Episode of #PoppaPank as we gather some old friends from episodes past to close out our Summer, tickle each other Pank, and play some games. Jaylene and Justin bring back acclaimed playwright and director James Ijames, Haas Award-winning actors and newlyweds(!) Taysha Canales and Akeem Davis, and your favorite Blackarican, polymathic artist from the ILL DOOTS tribe, Anthony Martinez-Briggs // US. Hold onto your butts, we’re in for a wild ride.

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