#PoppaPank S2E35 | Pop In with Taysha and Lindsay!

May 05, 2021 Jaylene Clark Owens, Justin Jain Season 2 Episode 35
#PoppaPank S2E35 | Pop In with Taysha and Lindsay!
Show Notes

This is one of our bonus episodes, which we like to call #PankPopBacks! We will gradually release these older episodes until all live episodes are uploaded to this podcast platform. 

Recorded live May 5, 2021: This episode of #PoppaPank is OFF THE CHARTS! Not only are we celebrating Cinco De Mayo, but we’re doing it IN PERSON! Justin and Jaylene plus very special guests Philly Actors Taysha Marie Canales and Lindsay Smiling have all been fully vaccinated and are ready for laughs. Join us as we talk all things FAT HAM at The Wilma Theatre and NO CHILD… at The Arden Theatre Company. You don’t want to miss this one. 

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